Andrijevica HPP

Location of dam and HPP

The “Andrijevica” dam is planned at the chainage km 177+200. The location belongs to the municipality of Andrijevica; the nnearest town is Andrijevica.

“Andrijevica” HPP is planned either as a diversion or a non-diversion plant. Diversion “Andrijevica” HPP is located at the chainge km 170+450. Non-diversion “Andrijevica” HPP is located at the chainage km 177+000.

Wide location area
Narrow location area
Satellite image of HPP location

Profile hydrological properties from original documentation

Basic profile hydrological properties (as given in the original technical documentation) are:

  • Mean discharge: 29.9 m3/s,
  • Ecological flow: 3.9 m3/s and
  • Flood discharge referent for design of spillways: 1,580 m3/s (Q0.01).

Dam properties

Basic dam properties are:

  • Dam type: rockfill and
  • Dam crest elevation: 832 m.a.s.l.

Storage properties

Basic storage properties are:

  • Regular water level: 830 m.a.s.l,
  • Active volume: 82 million m³and
  • Ratio between active volume and mean annual inflow: 0.09.

Conduit properties

The plant belongs to the non-diversion type.

HPP/Powerhouse properties

Basic HPP/powerhouse properties are:

  • Plant type: non-diversion,
  • Unit type: Francis,
  • Number of units: 2,
  • Installed discharge: 100 m3/s,
  • Headrace water level: 830 m.a.s.l,
  • Tailrace water level: 769 m.a.s.l,
  • Gross head: 61.0 m,
  • Head loss: 1.0 m
  • Net head: 60.0 (nominal),
  • Installed power (active): 51 MW (assumed),
  • Mean annual electricity generation: 140.5 GWh.

Source: IWRM Country Report for Montenegro, COWI, Stucky and Jaroslav Cerni Water Institute, 2017