Bistrica HPP

The “Radoinja” dam is located on the Uvac River near Nova Varoš city, 12 km downstream of the “Kokin brod” dam. It was built in 1959. Its catchment area is 13,310 km2. The average river discharge is 14.4 m3/s.

The “Radoinja” dam is a rockfill structure with a waterproof asphalt concrete screen, 42 m high and 361 m long. In its middle part is located a concrete spillway block. The spillway capacity is 1,400 m3/s.

The “Bistrica” HPP is a diversion-type HPP. Water is conveyed from the “Radoinja” reservoir toward the HPP by a waterway that includes: intake, pressure tunnel (with a length of 8,030 m and a diameter of 4 m), surge tank and penstock (two pipes, each 1,357 m long and 2.2/2.1 m in diameter). A pre-feasibility study for an increase of the generating unit capacity was completed in 2010. The “Radoinja” reservoir does not have to discharge ecological flow under all circumstances.  The main characteristics of the “Bistrica” HPP and “Radoinja” dam and appurtenant structures are as follows:

  • “Radoinja” reservoir:
Total volume7.6 Mm3
Live volume4.1 Mm3
Max. OEL815.0 m.a.s.l.
Normal OEL812.0 m.a.s.l.
Min. OEL805.0 m.a.s.l.
  • “Radoinja” dam
TypeRock fill with asphalt screen
Crest elevation816.2 m.a.s.l.
Height42 m
  • “Bistrica” HPP
Max. head 378 m
Rated head 360 m
Min. head345 m
Installed flow36 m3/s
Installed power103 MW
Annual energy370 GWh
No. of units2
Type of turbineFrancis
Radoinja dam
Bistrica HPP

Source: IWRM Country Report for Serbia, COWI, Stucky and Jaroslav Cerni Water Institute, 2017