Dubravica HPP

Location of dam and HPP

“Dubravica ” dam and HPP are planned at the middle part of the Drina River course, at the chainage km 118+700. The location belongs to the municipality of Dubravica; the nearest town is Ljubovija.

Wide location area
Narrow location area
Satellite image of HPP location

Profile hydrological properties from original documentation

Basic profile hydrological properties (as given in the original technical documentation) are:

  • Basin area: 15,997 km2,
  • Mean discharge: 340.4 m3/s,
  • Ecological flow: 63.8 m3/s and
  • Flood discharge referent for design of spillways: 7,223 m3/s (Q0.1).

Dam properties

Basic dam properties are:

  • Type: gravity, concrete
  • Crest elevation: 178.0 m.a.s.l.,
  • Height: 39 m (construction height),
  • Length along the crest: 348 m (concrete part),
  • Storage evacuation structures: gated spillways, 8 fields and
  • Total evacuation capacity: 9,459 m3/s (8 fields), 7,865 m3/s (7 fields).

Storage properties

Basic storage properties are:

  • Regular water level: 175.0 m.a.s.l.,
  • Maximum water level: 175.0 m.a.s.l.,
  • Minimum operating water level: 173.0 m.a.s.l.,
  • Total volume: not determined, negligible,
  • Active volume: not determined, negligible and
  • Surface area: 19.23 km2.

Conduit properties

The plant belongs to the non-diversion type.

HPP/Powerhouse properties

Basic HPP/powerhouse properties are:

  • Plant type: non-diversion,
  • Unit type: axial (bulb), double-regulation,
  • Number of units: 4,
  • Installed discharge: 4 x 200 = 800 m3/s,
  • Minimum unit discharge: 50 m3/s (each unit can discharge ecological flow),
  • Tailrace water level: 162.09 (at installed discharge),
  • Gross head: 12.91 m,
  • Head loss: 0.4 m,
  • Net head: 12.51 m,
  • Installed power (active): 4 x 21.80 = 87.20 MW,
  • Installed power (apparent): 4 x 26 = 104 MW,
  • Mean annual electricity generation: 335 GWh and
  • Connection voltage level: 110 kV.

Rated discharge was adopted primarily in the view of the capacity of the upstream “Bajina Bašta” HPP with rehabilitated units and eventual additional fifth unit, as well as the capacity of the downstream “Zvornik” HPP after the planned rehabilitation (replacement) of units and streamlining with a capacity increase.

(Source: IWRM Country Report for Serbia, COWI, Stucky and Jaroslav Cerni Water Institute, 2017)