Gradac HPP

Location of dam and HPP

The “Gradac” dam and HPP are located on the Ćehotina River. The location belongs to the municipality of Gradac; the nearest town is Pljevlja.

Wide location area
Narrow location area
Satellite image of HPP location

Profile hydrological properties from original documentation

Basic profile hydrological properties (as given in the original technical documentation) are:

  • Mean discharge: 12.56 m3/s,
  • Ecological flow: 1.25 m3/s (assumed).

Storage properties

Basic storage properties are:

  • Regular water level: 742 m.a.s.l,
  • Active volume: 85 million m3 and
  • Ratio between active volume and mean annual inflow: 0.21.

Conduit properties

Basic properties of water conduits are:

  • Diversion conduit length: 4,000 m.

HPP/Powerhouse properties

Basic HPP/powerhouse properties are:

  • Unit type: Francis (assumed),
  • Number of units: 2 (assumed),
  • Installed discharge: 38 m3/s,
  • Tailrace water level: 664 m.a.s.l (assumed),
  • Gross head: 78 m,
  • Head loss: 8 m,
  • Net head: 70 m,
  • Installed power: 23 MW and
  • Mean annual electricity generation: 65.5 GWh.

Source: IWRM Country Report for Montenegro, COWI, Stucky and Jaroslav Cerni Water Institute, 2017