HPPs on the Ibar River

The Ibar River, with the total length of 276 km, basin area of 8,059 km² and mean discharge at the Zapadna Morava River mouth of 63 m3/s, is one of the most important unused watercourse hydropower potentials in Serbia.

The adopted concept for utilization of the Ibar River hydropower potential is based upon construction of ten run-off-river hydropower plants along the river section between Raska and Kraljevo, with length of 55 km. The total head available along this section amounts to approximately 150 m.

The total installed power of all hydropower plants is approximately 120 MW and the mean annual electricity generation exceeds 450 GWh. The investment costs are estimated to approximately 340 million Euro.

For the HPP system on the Ibar River have so far been developed the Conceptual Design Report and Preliminary Design report (designer: “Jaroslav Černi” Water Institute).

(Source: Divac, D., Milivojevic, N, Stojanovic, Z: Hydropower: Current Situation, Available Potential and Development Prospects (in Serbian), Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, 2020)