Trebinje II HPP

“Trebinje II” HPP is located on the Trebisnjica River, approximately 4 km upstream of the City of Trebinje and utilizes water coming from the HE “Trebinje I” HPP and the Sušica River, Trebišnjica River’s tributary.

On the left-hand side, close to the Gorica dam, had been built two inlet structures for inlet tunnels. Out of the two envisaged tunnels, only one, leading to the HE Dubrovnik HPP had been built.

HE had been commissioned in 1981.

The most important characteristics of the “Trebinje II” HPP with the appurtenant structures are given below:

  • Reservoir
Total volume15.74 million m3
Active volume9.60 million m3
Maximum operating water level295.00 m a.s.l.
Regular water level292.50 m a.s.l.
Mean inflow82.9 m3/s
  • Dam
Typeconcrete, gravity
Height33.5 m
Spillway2 spillway fields
Number of bottom outlets2
  • HPP
Maximum gross head19.5 m
Installed discharge45 m3/s
Installed power8 MW
Annual electricity generation14.5 GWh
Number of units1
Turbine typeKaplan

(Source: HET Web site)

Trebinje II HPP