Iron Gate I HPP

The “Iron Gate I” hydropower and navigation system is located at 943 km from the mouth of the Danube River into the Black Sea. Both Serbia and Romania each dispose over one power plant, ship lock and 7 spillway fields.

The HPP had been first time synchronized in 1970.

The most important characteristics of the “Iron Gate I” HPP with its appurtenant structures are given below:

  • Reservoir
Total volume2,800 million m3
Mean inflow5,650 m3/s
  • HPP
Maximum head35.46 (31.50) m
Minimum head17.50 (18.00) m
Installed discharge5.040 m3/s
Installed power1,083 (2 x 171; 4 x 190) MW
Number of units6 (at the Serbian side)
Turbine typeKaplan

(Source: PU EPS Web site)