Krusevo HPP

“Kruševo” HPP is planned on the Piva River.

HPP dam would be located in the vicinity of the village of Kruševo, at approximately 1,600 m upstream of the confluence of Piva River and Tara River. Downstream of the dam would be performed river dredging works all the way to the confluence of Piva River and Tara River in order to increase available head.

Wide location area
Narrow location area
Satellite image of HPP location

Basic profile hydrological properties (as given in the original technical documentation) are:

  • Basin area: 1,843 km2,
  • Mean discharge: 75.8 m3/s (determined for the period from 1926 to 1955),
  • Ecological flow: 12 m3/s (adopted upon ecological flow of the “Piva” HPP) and,
  • Flood discharge referent for design of spillways: Q0.01% = 1,760 m3/s (ten-thousand year discharge).

Dam properties

Basic dam properties are:

  • Type: rock-fill / concrete gravity,
  • Construction height: 64/68 m,
  • Length along the crest: 212/207 m and
  • Storage evacuation structures: shaft spillway without gates (1,760 m3/s), lateral spillway with radial gate (1,860 m3/s) and bottom outlet (122 m3/s).

Basic storage properties are:

  • Regular water level: 495 m.a.s.l.,
  • Minimum operation water level: 475 m.a.s.l.,
  • Total volume: Vtot = 25.4 million m3 and
  • Active volume: Vact = 18.0 million m3.

The plant belongs to the non-diversion type.

Basic HPP/powerhouse properties are:

  • Plant type: non-diversion,
  • Unit type: Francis with vertical shaft,
  • Number of units: 2,
  • Installed discharge: 240 m3/s,
  • Tailrace water level: 438 mnm,
  • Gross head: 57 m,
  • Head loss: 1 m,
  • Net head: 56 m,
  • Installed power: 120 MW,
  • Mean annual electricity generation: 321.9 GWh and
  • Number of operating hours with full load: 2.670.

Source: IWRM Country Report for Montenegro, COWI, Stucky and Jaroslav Cerni Water Institute, 2017