Perucica HPP

„Perucica“ HPP is located on the Municipality of Niksic territory and utilizes the water from the Gornja Zeta River basin, which flow into the Nikšićko polje (field).

The HPP was commissioned in 1960.

The most important characteristics of the „Perucica“ HPP with the appurtenant structures are given below:

  • Reservoir
Active volume225 million m3
  • Conduits
Tunnel length3,323.27 m
Penstock diameter2.65 (2.50) m
  • HPP
Installed power307 MW
Mean annual electricity generationapp. 1.300 GWh
Number of units7
Turbine typePelton, twin-flow

(Source: PU EPCG Web site)

Units in the powerhouse