Pirot HPP

The “Pirot” hydropower plant is located on the territory of South-Eastern Serbia, between the city of Pirot and Bulgarian border and utilizes the water from the Visocka River at the “Zavoj” dam profile. The “Zavoj” reservoir is a natural reservoir.

HPP construction works started in 1983 and the first unit started with operation in 1990.

The “Pirot” HPP most important characteristics with appurtenant structures are given below:

  • Reservoir
Length17 km
Area550 ha
Total volume170 million m3
Maximum operating water level616 m a.s.l.
  • Conduit
Tunnel diameter4,5 m
Tunnel length9,093 m
  • HPP
Typestorage, diversion
Maximum net head243.7 m
Minimum net head180 m
Installed discharge45 m3/s
Installed power2 x 40 = 80 MW
Number of units2
Annual number of operating hours1,400

(Source: PU EPS Web site)