“Vrla II” is situated in the Vrla River riverbed, at the mouth of the Bitvrdja River, and water from this river, as well as water from the Gradski potok Creek and Vrla River, enters the HPP inlet conduit. The HPP was first time synchronized in 1954.

The most important characteristics of the “Vrla II” HPP and its appurtenant structures are given below:

  • Reservoir
Total volume0.1 million m3
  • Conduit
Tunnel length3.568 m
  • HPP
Maximum head153.9 m
Minimum head136.7 m
Installed discharge18.5 m3/s
Installed power11.28 + 13.65 MW
Annual electricity generation51 GWh
Number of units2
Turbine typeFrancis, vertical

(Source: PU EPS Web site)