“Vrla III” HPP is located in the village of Masurica, at the Masurica River right-hand bank. Its special characteristic is a complex system of underground, horizontal and vertical tunnels, which serve as this HPP’s storage. Beside water that it receives from the “Vrla II” HPP, this HPP also uses the water from the tributaries in its own sub-basin, i.e. Vrla River, Romanovska River and Masurica River.

The HPP was first synchronized in 1957.

The most important characteristics of the “Vrla III” HPP and its appurtenant structures are given below:

  • Reservoir
Total volume0.05 million m3
  • HPP
Maximum head197.4 (192.3) m
Minimum head168.3 m
Installed discharge18.4 m3/s
Installed power28.95 (13.3, 17.02) MW
Annual electricity generation73 GWh
Number of units2
Turbine typeFrancis

(Source: JP EPS Web site)